Letter to Dr. Judy Mikovits

December 01, 2020

Dear Dr. Judy,

I heard from you on may this year, in an interview to you performed by Mikki Willis. That interview stunned me a lot. There are many contents on the news but only a few of them are really extraordinary, and that interview was one of them. Indeed I tried to download it but it was hosted in Facebook and that platform didn't allow to download it, or at least I was no able to do. So I figured out how to record permanently that material, so I finally could do it by performing screen recording, for which I had to download previously some suited recording screen program into my laptop. Any way.

I felt compelled to buy your book (Plague of Corruption) and read it despite I'm not fluent enough in English. I dedicated a lot of time to read your book, not only due to language interpretation duties but mostly because I spent time to collate the information supplied, link elements, compare data and go deeper into many items. It must be said: it's a really overwhelming and time consuming task... but it have to be done.

Is not enough to read your story and then jump to another thing keeping the mouth shut. Is not enough simply horrified oneself and then move on as it nothing were happened like with some Stephen King syfi story. That is a real testimony, that is a fact that impacts the entire human race wellbeing and destiny, and as it, it is mandatory to take action.

This letter started writing itself almost since the very moment I started to read the book, but writing was happening in my mind. Every time I took the book for read it the more this letter was fulfilling of. I'm sorry because my poor English and lack of mastering among phrasal verbs and other language tools, but I wish the actual message could reach your destiny. And that message is simply: THANKS. Thanks for your bravery and courage of raising your voice, thanks for your endurance along timelife for perform and defend the authentic scientific spirit, thanks for being one of those humans that voluntarily bear the trust flame within a world where evil still reigns. I could not permitted to me keep quiet comfortabling seated in my couch after I know that true. I had the duty of raise my voice to and join to this concern. 

Many times, along my reading goes on, I thought the same JD Kent told you about "simplify thinks and break it down so that the lay reader may more clearly understand" your points. Certainly I think if I wouldn't be have some basic technical comprehension (because I'm pharmacist) likely it would be more tough to understand you. But I must say too that I think the more you simplify the message, maybe it would be able to get it for the most (and bit lazy perhaps) people, but also unfortunately, the less potency it would be have. Anyway, it must to be recognized, I thinnk you were cautious to explain, unfold or recap items you considered it was needed. As I see, things have to be named by its actual names, independently if those may sound complicated or strange to someone; here is where communication skills plays on, and, in my opinion you made it very well. And, of course, reader's job part must be done too.

Receive your message means one is morally compromised to take a position, to be prompted by forces of the circumstances to realize and commit things. Thus once you crossed the ignorance/knowledge boundary there is no possible return at all.

Despite I was aware of numerous facts, it was very shocking to me, I mean psychologically and emotionally manner, to approach this so serious, complex, and paradoxically so predictable human nature reality about many underneath, politically contaminated, of science threads. 

You placed your heart, your mind and your soul in your book because your story borned from your most very close experience and that trascend the signs and the words to reach finally your reader's heart, mind and soul. It is the magic of authentic connection. 

I don't know you personally, but I think it is not necessary to know somebody in order to being connected, thanks to science language but even more important and essential yet: love language, the love to unveil our life mission, to understand the human suffering and to make all in our hands to make this world better day after day. 

It seems that things like actual scientists, science's meaning and purpose itself and a well calibrated moral compass, has been forgotten, or who knows, maybe hasn't be never a distinctive feature of our society. Testimonies like your's and Kent Heckenlively, JD are a beacon in the darkness of lack of human values era, a beacon that inspire us and help us to restore our faith and hope in the promise of science. 


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